The 2019 NBA off season is expected to be a big one for the New York Knicks. The franchise traded away one of the NBA’s unicorns in Kristaps Porzingis in hopes of stocking up on big name free agents this summer.

Specifically, the Knicks are looking at signing two superstars in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. On top of that, optimism is so high in New York City that 14% chance at getting the #1 pick seems much higher than the actual 1 in 7 odds. in order to get that 14% roll of the dice, the team had the worst record in the NBA this past season.

That #1 pick will be Zion Williamson. If the 6 foot 6 wunderkind ends up in New York, fans will be buying out Zion Knicks jerseys even before the season begins. With the potential of having KD, Kyrie and Zion in the same team will break the league. And if Williamson can be half-as-transcendent as expected, we’re talking about Zion’s Knicks #1 jersey being in the top ten in the entire league.

Zion Williamson New York Knicks Jersey

If all that happens, Williamson will certainly want his #1 jersey number which had a lot of big names wear it prior to him including Amar’e Stoudemire, Anfernee Hardaway, and Steve Francis among others.

Zion will have to work out the jersey drama with Emmanuel Mudiay who currently wears the #1 Knicks jersey. If he and Mudiay can’t come to an understanding, Zion will have to come up with a new number. Williamson did wear #12 in high school, but that’s not an option for the New York Knicks, the #12 Knicks jersey is one of the nine Knicks jersey numbers that are retired (Dick Barnett).